Goal of Project

Understanding non-communicable diseases (NCD) and the role of infection in Africa: Building a partnership to generate big data.


To provide greater understanding of the current status of chronic NCD, provide evidence for future prevention and management strategies and build platform for multi-site intervention development, monitoring and evaluation and health systems research.


Bringing together partners with NCD data collected in demographic surveillance sites to address important questions relevant to our setting.


  • To create a partnership across multiple demographic sites and cohorts in Africa, providing technical support and expertise to harmonise data on risk factors and health outcomes associated with NCD for collaborative analyses.
  • To produce multi-site and site-specific analyses on mortality levels and changes related to baseline cardiometabolic risk factors.
  • To produce multi-site and site-specific analyses on prevalence and incidence of fatal HIV-related cancers.
  • To ensure dissemination of findings to national and international bodies
  • To explore sustainable funding models for future primary data collection and data pooling.